The daughter of a BBC weather presenter has a nut allergy. On the flight to vacation, the worried mother wants to make sure that her daughter survives the trip well. But this attempt fails.

Georgie Palmer, a BBC weather presenter, claims she was kicked off the plane along with her family on a flight to Dalaman, Turkey, British daily Mirror reports.

Palmer is said to have asked the flight crew and passengers not to consume peanuts during the flight because the daughter has a nut allergy. But the airline couldn’t guarantee that and threw the family off the plane because they couldn’t control themselves.

“We asked the passengers at the front of the plane to pass on our request. Row by row, as quickly as a carefully placed path of dominoes, all the passengers turned around and kindly asked the row behind them to please not eat nuts during the flight,” Palmer said, according to the Mirror. This request was met with general understanding from the other passengers.

However, after learning of the allergy, the captain refused to keep the family on board and had them removed from the plane. Palmer sharply criticized the behavior of the airline SunExpress and in particular that of the flight captain in the Mirror: “It was disgusting the way we were treated. The captain decided not to fly with us because of my daughter’s allergies.”

A SunExpress statement said: “We take the safety of our passengers very seriously. Shortly after boarding our flight from London Gatwick, a passenger raised concerns about a severe peanut allergy in his family and asked for an announcement to be made to the other passengers. We do not make such announcements because, like many other airlines, we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment on our flights.”

The airline also emphasized that it did not tolerate aggressive behavior on board and had therefore expelled the family from the plane.

The family ended up taking an EasyJet flight the following day, where the crew announced several times that passengers should not open peanut products. Nevertheless, the family had to spend an additional around 5,000 British pounds (the equivalent of around 5,800 euros) on the new flights, an airport hotel and additional costs.

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