Not ten minutes, until from the white, unprinted Swatch-blank with a personalized, distinctive Swatch with a VIEW-to a subject. No two minutes, until the necessary additional components, Hand-assembled, and the watch is finished. No ten seconds, until you realize: This watch on the wrist, that is something Special. One Of A Kind.

Personalized Swatches since 2017. The Swatch on the occasion of 60 years of a VIEW but it is part of a recent development from the house of Hayek: “Swatch X You” (say: “Swatch by you”). Instead of, as usual, only the parts self-assemble, it since October 2018, to make the subject individualized: “Pick a Design, Make Your Swatch.”

Free Design choice makes each watch unique

And this is how it works: An elaborately designed Poster is this week, will be on find swatchxyou. To the fact a lot of you are shown the rows from the pioneer years of VIEW. The coloring has a Vintage character, like a yellowed newspaper. Of “The servant is not the killer,” the title story of the first edition from 14. In October 1959, the Headlines about News from the world of sports, and People to politics.

This Poster serves as a basis for the Design of the “Swatch X LOOK”. Each of us can choose the neckline for your Swatch, I like him the best. The Online Configurator allows for an arbitrary Design choice of the bracelet and dial. And that’s the Special thing: The watch is totally unique and exclusive.

Design your own Swatch

a VIEW is 60 and you can strap him now around the wrist. Together with Swatch, we are launching this week an exclusive anniversary watch, you can design personally.

So it goes: as of today, the watch is a week to available. With the Online Configurator can be selected from around 80 views-headlines and icons from the past 60 years, an individual Design-Background for the entire watch. Each watch is therefore unique and is made using a unique digital printing technology from Swatch.

high-profile collaborations with the “Swatch X You”

“Swatch X You” can already come up with great collaborations. In the current year, launched the Swatch is already an equivalent action with the Louvre in Paris. Even a Pop-up Store in the Museum of the watch group established on a temporary basis. The visitors were able to so within a few minutes, take your own watch from the Louvre – with motifs of important works of art.

And on 21. July 2019, the “Swatch X You” to the 50. Anniversary of the first moon landing with special motifs around the theme of space available. Exclusive and only on this day.

In VIEW you knew: ‘This is

And now LOOK. On demand at the Swatch, it means that The collaborations in the last twelve months have shown since the launch of the “Swatch X You” the organization, what is working and what is not. And in the case of a 60 years old LOOK, you have known the same: That fits.

“Swatch X You” is a model of success. The business is very good, the watch company from Biel BE added. The components are always the same and the motives are easily and quickly printed. Through the flexible model, each customer get his own personal Swatch. It is also the production allow open spaces, and create more efficiency.

high-Quality and yet inexpensive: a typical Swatch. And typical VIEWS.