It’s not a situation any of us want to be in. Hiring an attorney can be daunting, but their expertise will help you stay on the right side of the law, believe those at

There are different types of legal categories – civil law and criminal law. Civil law refers to illegal activities that you don’t classify as criminal in nature. Criminal law relates to offenses where an individual breaks the federal, state, or local law.

Let’s take a closer look at when you might need legal representation.

When You’re Declaring Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy refers to a state in which someone is unable to fulfill their financial obligations to their creditor. Once this happens, you need to get a lawyer to help you file for bankruptcy. Due to the nature of the relationship this evokes, the attorney will require payment upfront when representing you.

If You Face Any Type of Criminal Charges

Having to deal with any kind of criminal charges can be incredibly daunting. Getting a lawyer early on will help protect your assets and keep you from making questionable decisions. Criminal charges could range from armed robbery to trespassing, and each requires a certain level of representation.

When Someone Sues You

If you’re facing a lawsuit, you need to get a lawyer to represent your interests. The individual who’s filing the case will also have their own representation, and although you can settle out of court, you want someone with experience on your side.

The Involvement of Drugs

Various illicit substances can get you in trouble if the authorities catch you with them. Take the matter into your own hands and get a lawyer as soon as possible. It might be financially more viable to get a public attorney, but the reality is that a private attorney has a more vested interest in seeing you walk free.


If you drive under the influence of alcohol and get pulled over, a serious conviction won’t be far off. Consequences can range from losing your license to getting jail time. Having some representation could help you avoid a severe felony.

Starting a New Business

There are various pitfalls along the way when starting your own company, especially if you decide to include partners or investors. A business lawyer can help protect your interests and ensure that each party is happy and all the necessary documentation is in place.

On the Whole

Attorneys offer services that are essential when you find yourself in hot water. Their advice and expertise are invaluable during those challenging times. Invest in legal advice that’ll benefit you down the road.