APPROVE the Shop, It doesn’t seem to matter that the coronamaatregelen will soon be made more flexible. We must, therefore, have already mentally started preparing for a few weeks, or even months at home. You now have all the walls in boredom? In the following, bookseries, create social isolation, is more than bearable. Joona Linna (Lars Kepler)

The paper reads today as a thriller. But after all these perilous posts, you can find some on-of-your-bed-excitement to use it. The book by Lars Kepler, the pseudonym of the Swedish couple Alexander and Alexandra Ahndoril, are perfect for this. That will be a zoom in on the adventures of detective inspector Joona Linna, who is the one is dark, you go one after the other to resolve the problem. Wonderful Scandinavian would recommend that you get all you care to do.

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