Up to 15’000 additional antennas need 5G, to say the Telecom provider. Except for the limit decreases. However, the resistance against the rapid Expansion of 5G is growing. In many cantons and municipalities, Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt, contrary to a harsh Wind is blowing. Politicians want to prevent moratoriums for one or two years of new cell phone antennas.

The cantons of Geneva, Jura and Vaud have already imposed a 5G Moratorium or check such. Also in Bern, St. Gallen, Schwyz, Luzern, Schaffhausen, Graubünden and Aargau initiatives are being discussed or have already been submitted.

To do this, the local resistance in the municipalities. In Hellikon AG a residents group is fighting against a planning application for a 5G-antenna – with signature collection and public sharing of information. The Council should push for a Moratorium.

Federal government holds 5G-moratoria for competence, contrary to the

, However, has reported already on the Federal government to A Moratorium by municipalities, or cantons, would be “competence illegal”. The joint Declaration of the Federal office for the environment (FOEN) and the Federal office for communications (Ofcom) suggests distinct tones: stick to “no room for cantonal or municipal provisions for the protection of people from radiation of mobile radio equipment”. This is a matter for the Federal government.

Talk to: Meet entries to the zoning laws, and the limits for the radiation, they must be approved. If not, can the mobile provider to complain about it. While Swisscom aims to find the conversation, Sunrise has already announced to want to against the “arbitrary denial” of building permits action. Swisscom said: “We understand that new technologies can trigger Fears. There are many circulating wrong information.”

Salt was concerned about the delays in the introduction and higher costs. “Both aspects will have a negative impact on the Swiss consumers and companies”, says CEO Pascal Grieder, at the request of a VIEW.

moratoria should Federal Action not to force

The initiators of the moratoria but because of the demands. “For us, too many questions in the area of data security, privacy and health are at 5G open,” says Andrea de Meuron, group President of the Green group in the Great Council of the Canton of Bern.

Here are two Motions were submitted on the topic, which will be borne not only by the Greens, but also by exponents of the SP, SVP, and FDP. “For the health of the population of the Confederation, but the cantons and municipalities are responsible,” says de Meuron. “And if the Federal government is not acting quickly enough, then there is a need to take advantage of the game room of the Canton.”

it is Important that the Federal office released the promised report on the impact of 5G as quickly as possible. A Transfer of the initiatives would be a political Signal that the population is Worried about and the answers expected.

5G is the fifth Generation of mobile radio standards for the Fifth Generation. It is the successor of 4G and 3G said. The Standard regulates the data traffic between the phone and the antenna. The Symbol of this is about to see on the phone Display at the top of the bar.

5G is not just faster data connections and shorter response times are possible, there are also more Smartphones able to take advantage of the network. In addition, 5G is optimized to network machines and devices. For example, for the industry, or the Smart Home to home, so that, for example, garage door, lighting and Sensors can communicate with each other.

Currently, there are around ten Times higher speeds with 5G than the 4G.