There is a new stamp in France. This is not only beautiful to look at, but also smells good.

Stamps are often beautiful to look at. But in France they have gone one step further. Because now there is a stamp that also smells good – like bread. This is what “France Bleu” reports.

The piece, which costs 1.96 euros, shows a baguette wrapped in a bow in the colors of the French flag. It is also written in black: “La baguette de pain française” (in German: “The baguette, the French bread”).

The stamp was unveiled on Thursday, May 16, in Boulazac, writes “France Bleu”. It is the day of St. Honorius of Amiens, reports Swiss radio and television. He is the patron saint of bakers. 594,000 copies have been sold since Friday, May 17th.

If you want to make the stamp smell, you have to rub the baguette. “This smell is encapsulated,” Damien Lavaud, printer at Philaposte, is quoted as saying by France Bleu. It continues: “And the difficulty for us is to apply this ink without breaking the capsules, so that the smell can then be released by the customer by rubbing the stamp, more precisely the baguette.”

In addition, UNESCO recognized the baguette as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2022. The skills and culture surrounding French bread will now be included in the representative list, UNESCO announced at the time.

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