A terrible accident has claimed the lives of a 57-year-old man’s life.

He was on Monday morning aboard a fishing boat, which at the time of the accident was an hour from Kragenæs Harbour on the island of Lolland. It writes folketidende on.

It was at 9.20, it went wrong, a jerntromle – weighing between 300 and 400 kilos – smoke of a crane. Jerntromlen hit the man in the head, and he was flung over board.

B. T has been in contact with Sydsjællands Police, confirming the terrible accident.

“It is true, there was an accident on Monday. But I do not have any detailed information,” says vagtchef Henrik Carlsen.

the Man was not alone on board, and the other on the fiskekutteren got him rescued out of the water. On fiskekutteren they tried to revive him, but it failed.

As the boat came back to the harbor, there stood a lægehelikopter and an ambulance ready to bring the 57-year-old man.

Sydsjællands Police indicate that they right now can’t say more about what led to the terrible accident.