Brussels – Anderlecht

as for The violence, and the destruction of the Anderlecht were hot and we had to continue on after Saturday afternoon, a riot had broken out. “It was in the course of the night, a few gatherings of a dozen or so people and vehicles were set on fire. The police department has conducted a dozen or so additional arrests, which is a total of 57 is coming,” says Adeline Roty, president of the police zone Brussels-South Sunday morning.

The police have said that “all scenarios are possible”. It is, therefore, taken into account with the incidents of this Sunday. “We now have a strengthened peacekeeping force is scheduled, and we’ll be able to call in the federal police and other police services in Brussels, as it would be,” said the spokesperson.

nineteen-year-old man died

on Saturday at around 14 o’clock, there were meetings in brussels, which is not allowed in this period of quarantine, so the police had to intervene. According to the chief of police of the Brussels-midi / Zuid, Patrick, and Evenepoel was immediate, with the stones being thrown at police and there were arrests made, especially in the Clemenceau area. In the afternoon of the riot, and on. At night, there was still violence, of the police in the evening said that they had the situation under control.

the Reason for the riots was the death of a nineteen-year-old man in the village. He went to the police achtvervolging, where he and his motor scooter collided with a police vehicle.

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