Coronakrisen has also hit the English football club Tottenham.

Here, the chairman Daniel Levy announced that 550 staff must go 20% down in pay.

at the same time, several of the staff be sent with salary compensation from the british state.

the pay cuts also applies to Daniel Levy though, but since the message about the cuts were announced, it happened almost at the same time with that Tottenhambossens a large lønspring came forward.

In 2019 he went from an annual salary of three to seven million pounds (approximately 25 to 60 million dollars. Including the were included a bonus of three million pounds for the completion of the new stadium, which Premier League club moved into last year.

as AP journalist Rob Harris notes:

‘It seems to be unfortunate timing,’ he writes on Twitter about the relationship between the accounting information for one of the club’s most successful seasons ever’ held up against the coronapandemi, which is now forcing the club to cut down.

There are also being made aware that it is ‘not-playing’ directors and employees who have to go 20% down in wages in april and may. It is therefore not the well-paid Premier League squad. But as Daniel Levy points out in its communication on the cuts.

‘We continue to assess the situation,’ says the president, who expresses that he hopes that the players are also doing their part:

‘We may be the eighth biggest club in the world in terms of revenue, but all the historical data is completely irrelevant, because the virus knows no borders.

He also says: ‘All the people on the planet will be affected, and in my lifetime I can’t think of anything that has had so great an impact.’

Tottenham are owned, incidentally, mainly of rigmanden Joe Lewis, who has a fortune in the region of 320 billion dollars.