After the regions are gradually emerging from isolation. But the Russians have already appreciated the advantages of online shopping. Many employers have realized that the remote mode of operation can be arranged not worse office. Grocery retailers have developed the services delivery of products to home. The demand for courier services is gaining momentum and after the lifting of restrictions. We found out how much on average earn couriers in the regions. It turned out that after returning to the main “dekorativnoi” activities, many continue to work in shipping, and someone is considering a career change in favor of the courier service.

Yandex.Taxi launched special tariff “Courier”(0+) in April. Connected to service drivers and couriers without cars began to receive orders for delivery. For many, work became the only source of income at the peak of coronaries.

The easiest way to work in delivery — work walking courier, it is necessary to deliver the orders of clients Yandex.Taxi. Such suppliers receive orders not heavier than 10 kg. the Documents to be signed, the goods from online stores, forgotten things — all this can be included in the list of delivered items. And couriers, who will draw up a medical book and to purchase thermal bags will be able to deliver profitable orders from cafes and restaurants.

Hardin, foot courier from Astrakhan, said that was significantly more money on shipping: “After registration of all necessary documents and the purchase of thermal bags, orders became much more. I work as a delivery guy every day outside of work. Really like to deliver the food and bring joy to people!”

the choice of vehicle remains with the courier. The most popular types of transport suppliers of steel bikes and scooters. However, many couriers prefer to use the car. Unlike taxi drivers, where necessary, a three-year driving experience for a courier to work on the car much easier. Enough to have a driver’s license and be of legal age. Special requirements to the car there is also: suitable any car. Couriers by car and can transport goods weighing up to 20 kg, so to deliver heavy furniture, building materials or refrigerators do not have.

Sergey from the Moscow region shared their experience in service delivery. “I went back to the main job in a fitness club. But today was a little break, I turned on the app and completed a couple of orders,” — concluded Alexander. According to him, the orders are always very much, need to deliver everything from food to electronics, documents, and clothing. Once Sergei had to deliver the empty blue barrel of impressive dimensions.

the Difficult epidemiological situation in the country over the past few ��of nazev produced useful rule – non-contact delivery. Method was introduced as an additional measure of security of couriers and customers.Sergey boasted a good earnings in the service delivery: “I Have two kids, a wife, a mortgage, but during the work of the courier, I even relaxed a bit. The phone I bought new, all debts were given. On average, I earn 2 thousand rubles per shift, but often there were days when I was able to earn all 5 thousand.”

a delivery Job is the flexible schedule, the opportunity to work close to home and good income.

Many people work in service delivery, was saved from financial problems. Courier from Samara Denis told that for a long time sat at home until he settled in shipping: “I love to drive, I like to please people and help them. The option of delivery has improved my financial situation”. Dennis set himself a daily goal of earning at least a thousand rubles in addition to spending on gasoline. However, due to the large number of orders he regularly exceeds its target and has no plans to stop.