Nothing points to that day 50 years ago that will play in a computer lab at a University in Los Angeles history of the world. For weeks, the engineer Leonard Kleinrock and his Team had created misplaced, the Computer programmed to make a connection between the computing machines and the telephone network. 29. October 1969, finally, came the decisive day.

The first Internet connection

small rocks Computer in Los Angeles is associated with a second computer in today’s technology Mecca of Silicon Valley, and for the data exchange are brought. The first connection will be interrupted after seconds. But on the second attempt it works – the precursor of the Internet is born.

at the Time, it is a Revolution: Two computers over a phone line data. Today, the digital networking of the world is omnipresent. Around four billion people around the globe use the net to form, for services or for entertainment – but also increasingly for the dissemination of extreme points of hate or rumors.

These far-reaching consequences of a pioneer Kleinrock today with his creation struggle. “I see the aspect of social networks not at all,” says the 85-Year-old opens up currently with the “Connection Lab” in Los Angeles, a new technology lab, which deals with the negative effects of the Internet.

‘t think of evil

The Internet is a very democratic invention, says Kleinrock. “But as we have noted, it is also a perfect formula for the dark side of humanity.” In Online networks, so there is a lot of screamed out “that moderate voices go under and extreme points of view to be strengthened”.

As engineers, they would not have thought of the “bad behavior”, to be the people capable of, says Kleinrock. He and his Team have developed tools to better authenticate users and files, this would not have prevented the “dark side” of the network while, “but it would have mitigated”.

A key for the networking of computers, the ability to view information in small digital data packages to break down and make in this way, dispatch is capable of in 1969. Kleinrock presents already in 1962 a PhD thesis. When he offers his idea to the phone companies for the purchase, hailing it but Cancel.

the project is Financed ultimately from the science and research body of the US military’s Arpa. These had formed the government in Washington in 1958, the country in the Technology race with the Soviet Union forward. The computer network is thus one of the first Arpanet; open, it is only a small group of researchers.

Slower rise

In the following years, the network developed slowly at first. Until 1973, Europe will be connected. In the early 1990s, only scientific experts, it is known. But then a rapid succession of innovations accelerated the spread of the Internet. In 1989, about the Briton Tim Berners-Lee invented at Cern in Geneva, the System for the exchange of data via the World Wide Web (WWW). Also Berners-Lee is looking critically at the state of the network and stressed that the Web should serve humanity.

According to the opinion of Olaf Kolkman, chief of the non-governmental organisation the Internet Society, is the power to his 50. Birthday, comparable to a “thuggish Teenager”. But overall, the Internet did “more Good than Bad” causes, he says.

Also Kleinrock remains optimistic. “I’m still of the opinion that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far,” he says. Hopes he is in the Blockchain technology, on which according to his estimates, a reliable Reputation-based network could support – for example, with regard to the credibility of user reviews for a restaurant review.

incredulous, he looks to commercial providers, which offer online unnecessary or old-fashioned things and for profit interests, possibly against personal rights and privacy violated. Nevertheless, he says: “I would switch off the Internet, even if I could.”