About Columbia floating still in the shadows of the past. Long prevailed in the Land of drug and guerrilla wars. Today, you no longer need to fear a trip to the country, as Lukas Hollow-Jaramillo (28), reveals in an Interview with the VIEW: “With common sense every Colombia can travel to easily.”

Hollow-Jaramillo is half-Swiss, half Colombian, grew up in Biel. At the age of 19, he traveled for the first Time on their own to his roots. “I was from the first Moment. Of the people and their warmth,” says the 28-Year-old. Today, the sympathetic Event Manager to discover his travel Agency, Colombia.ch other, his love for Colombia.

by the Way, the Bieler is involved in social projects of the Swiss Federal Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA). Hollow-Jaramillo cared for here in Switzerland for seven years, young people and children from the conflict-torn Colombian Region of Nariño. With the help of Sport he wants to show them new ways and values such as discipline and respect. Also in Colombia, self-Jaramillo visited Hollow again and again, schools in the new regions, play with the local children’s Hockey and provides them with the help of sports, the important values in life.

For Hollow-Jaramillo, it was but especially “the Mix of the diversity of the country and the warm people”, which makes Colombia so exciting for him and him several times in the year, in the North of South America beckons. VIEW told of Bieler, which corners of the country he is particularly fond of.

1. Barichara

Approximately 8000 inhabitants live in Barichara, a small village that has remained largely untouched by mass tourism. The place in the interior of the country is considered to be one of the most peaceful in Colombia. “Instead of working, you will enjoy. Instead of walking, toddling off you. To stress, instead, you go to it. And instead of a long party miles here you’ll find peaceful streets lined with cafes,” Hollow-Jaramillo. The colonial town is perfect to shut down. Alone the three-hour journey from the airport to Bucaramanga through the Canyon Chicamocha is a dream and well worth it. Not a lot of people get lost in the remote Barichara, but all that do it, “fall in love immediately”.

2. Eje Cafetero

the Colombians call coffee triangle. The Eje Cafetero radiates in lush Green and offers fresh coffee beans. Here one comes closer to nature and enjoying idyllic peace. On the farms in the surroundings you can stay in and enjoy. Colombia expert, Hollow-Jaramillo has a tip: “Hacienda Venecia is particularly authentic. The owners take the time and eat in the evening with the tourists at the table.”

3. Medellín

the 2.5-million-strong city is a Must. A large city that shines with Innovation and a broad cultural area. Also, many entrepreneurs have found after Medellín. “People make the city. There is the most cordial, most friendly and most beautiful people in the whole of Colombia.” The Locals of Medellín were helpful, contrary to all prejudices are extremely willing. In addition, the city shines with a versatile and good gastronomy. Hollow-Jaramillo writes: “The Zona Provenca is my favorite quarter, there it is teeming with good Restaurants and Bars. A cool Spot for a cozy evening.”

4. Isla Múcura and Santa Cruz del Islote

Isla Múcura is approximately two hours from Cartagena to reach. Actually, Colombia is not only known for beach holidays, on the island in the North-West beaches so white can be found in the Maldives. “Múcura is very beautiful, crystal clear water and beautiful beaches. The Punta Faro Hotel is highly recommended.” It is dedicated to the children on the island and ensures that almost every Local has a Job. With the younger part of the population of projects to be implemented in the social field, such as turtles, free. Also the inhabitants of the nearby Santa Cruz del Islote, Punta Faro takes care of. This tiny island is even in the Guinness book of records, because it is the most populated island in the world. It is located just opposite the Punta Faro, and the Locals swim between the Islands. On the two Colombian Islands, there are difficulties with electricity, clean water or Hygiene, but a Trip worth to go there – because a visit will remain unforgettable.

5. Guatapé and El Peñón de Guatapé

A popular tourist destination in Colombia is the Rock of Guatapé. There are 800 steps lead to the top, from where one has a breathtaking view over the reservoir Region. A lot of the village of Guatapé from but. A mistake, because the place is the most colourful of the whole of Colombia that reflects the magic and happiness of the country perfectly. The walls of the houses to radiation in all sorts of colors, and the people welcome visitors with open arms. “It is a combination of the tourist magnet of El Peñón de Guatapé and the cosy village.”

From a charming Bay framed, Cartagena de Indias, the city called by his full name, on the Caribbean coast in Northern Colombia. In 1533, the Spaniards founded, she was already in the 16. Century the most important port cities of South America.

Because of their colour, magnificent walled old town with the neighbourhoods Centro, San Diego, La Matuna, and Getsemaní it is considered the most beautiful colonial city of the continent. Imposing cathedrals, palaces in the Andalusian style, dreamy, flower-filled alleys and colourfully painted rows of houses with ornate gazebos and balconies dominate the picturesque street. No wonder, then, that the historical heart of the city has been listed since 1984 as Unesco world heritage site.