The 19.02.2020 should actually go down in the history books of Italian football club Atalanta Bergamo. The club from the North-East, has played with inspiring offensive football from the football wasteland in the hearts of all Italian Fans, contested the first Champions League knockout stages in the club’s history.

that is Exactly where the Italians met in the middle of February to the FC Valencia. Because the stadium in the host does not meet the Uefa guidelines, took place the game in the Giuseppe-Meazza-stadium in Milan. 4:1-shot the Mavericks shot, the favourite from Spain of course, but four weeks later, you look back from the Italian point of view, however, with worried expressions on these historic runaway victory. imago images/Italy Photo Press Giorgio Gori looks with worried expression on the Champions League match between Atalanta Bergamo and Valencia back

“Then Interview up to 40,000 Fans in the stadium displayed the

is” “The game was a biological bomb,” said Bergamo’s mayor Giorgio Gori, now in a Facebook -. As a reminder, The game still took place under exclusion of the Public, what Gori regrets today, more than because, in his view, this was meet with the spectators in the stands, one of the main triggers for the vast Corona of the Situation in the North of Italy.

“We knew to that point (19. February) is still not at all what was going on. The first positive Patient in Italy, was tested on 23.02. When the Virus was raging at the time of the game, already strong, have put 40,000 Fans in the stadium of. No one knew at the time that the Virus was already there. In addition, many have watched the game together at home, and there were very many contacts in that night. The Virus is passed in that night from one Person to the next,” said the mayor. imago images/ZUMA Press 40,000 spectators supported the teams from the stands – the Coronavirus was probably the wild

Gori is equal to spread underscore time, that there are obviously other factors that would allow the rapid outbreak of the Virus in the North of Italy, the Champions League game, however, remained one of the main shutter button

The Infected data, the hypothesis of the Politkers support. As “Marca” reported to have returned 35% of the team of FC Valencia with the Coronavirus from Milan. As well as several Spanish journalists. Northern Italy is considered one of the Corona-epicenters in the world and heavily affected Region in the whole of Europe.

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