Hellmut Wempe, a Hamburg jeweler, has died at the age of 90. He managed the family business from 1963 to 2003 and opened numerous new branches during this time. Wempe’s daughter Kim-Eva Wempe has been running the company since 2003.

The Hamburg jeweler and watch dealer Hellmut Wempe is dead. The Hanseatic entrepreneur fell asleep peacefully in his hometown of Hamburg on Sunday at the age of 90, the company announced on Thursday.

He was a character in his own right and “created something unique with commercial vision, a lot of empathy and a penchant for perfection”. The “Hamburger Abendblatt” had previously reported.

From 1963 to 2003, Hellmut Wempe managed the family business, which was originally founded in Elsfleth on the Weser in 1878. After Hamburg, he opened numerous branches in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich.

Later, Wempe stores followed abroad, for example in New York, Paris, Vienna, London and Madrid. Since 2003, Wempe’s daughter Kim-Eva Wempe has managed the company, which now has 30 branches.