As of this week, the retail chain “Gravis” no longer offers cash payments. As the “Spiegel” reports, the chain with 40 branches nationwide, which works closely with Apple, no longer accepts notes and coins. Customers now have to pay even small amounts with a card or smartphone.

The company took the step after a successful test phase in selected branches. For customers, payment is easy, safe and fast. iPhone 14 at Amazon: Discover now

However, this decision is not only about the customers. Costs also play an important role for Gravis. “For us as a retailer, cashless payment is cheaper, easier and it enables faster processes,” says the company.

The dealer is prepared for the fact that there will still be a need for explanation at the beginning. However, most would understand this step.

Nor should there be any legal difficulties as long as customers are properly informed that legal tender is to be excluded.

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