Right now 23.600 3F-members available. They can look forward to an economic boost over the next few months.

Denmark’s biggest trade union, 3F, will indemnify the members, who receive unemployment benefits to pay foreningskontingent.

the Purpose is to provide an economic crutch for the members affected by the availability under the coronakrisen.

on average, will kontingentfritagelsen be a sum of 465 dollars a month.

Statement of the total cost is associated with uncertainty, however evaluated, as a minimum, to cost 11 million dollars a month.

It is linked to the 3F currently has 23.600 available members.

– Thousands of skilled colleagues of a few days lost both their jobs and confidence in everyday life. It goes hard out of them and their families. Right now it can be almost impossible to find a new job.

– All of us who are fortunate enough to be able to keep our jobs in this historic crisis, now gives the available colleagues a hand, says Per Christensen, president of 3F.

Since the Danish authorities, Denmark closed down barely two weeks ago, 3F experienced an explosive increase in the number of available members.

so far more than 5500 of 3F’s members signed up available ago 13. march, where the government chose to shut down the country.

in addition to shut Denmark down, the government has launched several stimulus program, which will try to keep the hand under the Danish workplaces and their employees.

Before coronakrisen Per Christensen missed more good will from the politicians to support people who become unemployed and end up on unemployment benefits. It misses he still.

– You can say that the conflict just becomes further strengthened during the coronakrisen.

– We will constantly be pointing at, that one must have looked at a proper compensation to the unemployed, says Per Christensen.

the First exemption for fagforeningskontingentet can happen with the collection in may. Members who are exempt from fagforeningskontingentet, will still have to pay a-box quota and gruppelivsordning.

Preliminary is it to apply for three months. But 3F is according to Per Christensen is ready to take new decisions if the crisis drags out.