“it is often completed at a young age is a mixed life insurance.” This is according to pension expert Florian Schubiger of the most frequent pension errors, how on 5. December, to cash.ch said. Later, the realization that you don’t need this protection because you don’t have a family then most. “At a young age, you should not tie yourself too long.” The life to come usually different than you expected.

Otherwise, the life also came in for Monika Müller, the means are actually different. Twelve years ago, she graduated at the Skandia against an annual premium of 3600 Swiss francs a mixed-activity insurance. Mixed such policies are called that because they combine savings and insurance. Can you conclude in the context of tax-favoured saving, 3a, and thus the premium from your taxable income in the deduction.

In the case of a disability Monika Müller would have received after a waiting period of 24 months, a pension of 6000 francs per year. In case of the death Skandia had paid a Death benefit of at least 106’000 Swiss francs. And with 64, 2034 would be in April, should get paid Monika Müller the value of the savings capital.

Meanwhile, Monika Müller is married, and as a teacher in the case of a pension Fund connected: The above-mentioned insurance protection you need. You just want to save, for old age. To be consistent, Monika Müller terminated the contract, was to transfer the balance to an account 3a, and was amazed not bad, what is subtracted from everything.

in Total, you paid a premium of 43’200 Swiss francs. Because of the risk protection, the management and the seller and all that, is deducted, is the buy-back value is only 33’917 CHF. However, on account 3a 31’757 Swiss francs were transferred to me. A further 2160 francs to be deducted as a non-amortized acquisition costs.

it goes like this: The realtor, the aufschwatzte Monika Müller the insurance company received, according to Skandia as a reward 4786 Swiss francs. These so-called acquisition costs are amortized over the entire duration of the contract from 2007 to 2034. The contract is dissolved prematurely, the deducted non-amortised acquisition costs from the balance. In the present case, the above-mentioned 2160 francs.

in Addition to the acquisition costs of 4786 CHF Skandia required solely for the administration of this a Police 4605 Swiss francs. Together with the above-mentioned completion of the nearly 9400 Swiss francs in costs. The cost of risk protection.

hands off of Skandia, you might say. Not necessary. The company sold since 2010, no new policies. Their owner, the Insurevolution, is still busy with the execution of the existing contracts.