3700 applications I filed the animal Guf

After rapper Guf posted in social networks video of him inciting his collie on a peaceful neighborhood dogs much smaller, he received a flurry of popular anger.

He was written about 4 thousand complaints to the police, reports channel 5.

Musician now put in instagram photo, where he explained to the militiaman, apparently, in the police Department.

“Thanks to animal for this,” he wrote in the microblog.

And the storys told more:

“3700 applications for I was filed by the animal rights activists… Well, they ran out of paper and printer cartridges. None of such paperwork is not created out of the blue because of this crap, due to the fact that you fiddled dog.”

What is the punishment for Dolmatovo, is still unknown. To make amends for the scandal with the owners of the affected animals went close to him.

The rapper himself has promised to help the homeless shelter dogs.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, commenting on the resonance of the stream Gufa, animal rights activists from the public organization “Zoopreme” called the act of the musician “very poor”, suggesting that during the incident the actor was in a condition of narcotic intoxication.

Publish from @therealguf 9 APR 2020 7:52 PDT