CEO of the Russian direct investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev said that by the end of the year, it may be about 200 million doses of vaccines against coronavirus, developed by the Institute name Gamalei. He added that next year will be more than three billion doses, which will help the world “to effectively combat coronavirus”. Virologist Timur Pesterev said how much vaccine in this case Russia, to cope with the pathogen and develop immunity. In his opinion, it would take 117 to 350 million doses.

“it is Necessary to vaccinate not less than 80% of the population. So 147 million people need more than 117 million doses, – told the Daily Storm Timur Pesterev. But there is still a question of how immunity is developed. There is research that when coronavirus infection it is sterile, that is, with time goes away. So one person may need more doses to produce sufficient antibodies, or to maintain their level. It turns out that vaccinating 80% of the population, or we increase this figure to 2-3 times”.

A vaccine against coronavirus, according to the head RFPI Kirill Dmitriev, it is possible to produce in large doses through the establishment of partnerships for the production of the drug in several countries.

“Thanks to the production of the vaccine through partnerships in several countries, we will be able to expand its production to 200 million doses by the end of the year,” said Kirill Dmitriev.

He noted that the vaccines developed by the Institute of Gamaliel and the University of Oxford in conjunction with CanSino Biologics and Astra Zeneca, is based on adenovirus. They are the first to appear on the market. Later, in 2021, will develop a vaccine based on messenger RNA. She still needs time to go through the security checks.

Itself Dmitriev said that already were vaccinated. Sustained immunity appeared after 20 days. Next dose, he said, needs to extend immunity to two years.

Clinical trials the world’s first vaccine against the coronavirus began June 18. She designed the National research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. F. Gamalei.

12 Jul


phase of testing the drug on volunteers. Tomorrow will write the first group of participants. They received one dose of vaccine. The second group, which received two doses, will stay in the hospital until July 20. Director of the Institute for medical Parasitology, tropical and vector-borne diseases sechenovskiy University Alexander Lukashev assured that all testers feel great.

British scientists, however, believe that the immunity against coronavirus infection can not be trusted. Antibodies start to disappear three weeks after the first symptoms, and after a couple of months a person can be infected again. The vaccine, in their opinion, the act will also what to have vaccinated regularly.

Professor Robin Shattock that works on a vaccine at Imperial College London, said that antibodies are not long protect the human body. Herd immunity so produced will not. Repeated infection in people with a certain amount of antibodies, the disease will be easier.

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