John takes a whole suitcase full of local food with him on his holiday in Egypt, even though he has booked an all-inclusive package.

John, a picky eater in his 40s, packs an extra suitcase for his package holiday to Egypt with pot noodles, chips, sausages and even a George Foreman grill so he can enjoy his beloved bacon sandwiches while on holiday.

To satisfy his sweet tooth, his wife Rebecca packed an additional 30 Club Biscuit bars, 16 bags of sweets and breakfast bars in his suitcase. According to the Daily Mail, this meant an additional cost of £300 (€352) for luggage, bringing the total price of the trip to £1,700. However, the additional costs did not bother Rebecca. She said she would not enjoy the trip if her husband was unhappy.

“I go on vacation and eat whatever I want, but he doesn’t. He’s always been like that,” Rebecca says. She decided she’d had enough and started packing canned goods and sweets for the two-week vacation. “Then we started taking meat with us. We put ice packs in food containers and packed the meat in them,” she explained.

John admits he has been a picky eater since childhood. “When I go abroad, I like my comforts from home. Instead of looking for decent food, I just take my own food with me.

Just recently, another holiday story caused astonishment: Clarisa booked a hotel room with a breathtaking sea view in beautiful Italy for a lot of money. But what she found did not match the description at all.

A video shows young people chanting “Foreigners out” while partying outside a club. The video has been shared many times on social media. The first people in the video have faced consequences. Racist incidents have also occurred in other places in Germany. All developments in the ticker.

In the Erzgebirge district, around 1,000 Ukrainian refugees are urgently looking for accommodation. A letter from the district administration office is asking them to vacate their current apartments by mid-June.