The real number of infected people in Denmark are assessed to be higher than the official figures, showing 3386 infected.

There are still more people that are tested positive for the coronavirus.

the Number of confirmed infected with the coronavirus is the Thursday afternoon calculated at 3386 persons. It informs the Statens Serum Institut.

This is an increase of 31 persons from the latest statement, which came on Thursday morning.

It is not all with the symptoms of coronavirus, which is being tested. Therefore, the real number of infected people in Denmark higher, as there will be infected, which is not included in the statistics.

Health has on Wednesday changed the guidelines for who can be tested. It opens that there will be a carried out yet more tests.

The new guidelines means that also persons with mild symptoms are given the opportunity by their own doctor to be referred directly for a test. Previously, the first assessed at a hospital.

It also becomes easier to refer employees in the health and care sector with mild symptoms to the test.

It can thus quickly be clarified whether they represent a risk of infection, or whether they can get back to work.

in Addition, persons living with family members at risk, could also be tested by mild symptoms.

It is people with chronic illnesses or over the age of 80, which in this context is considered as the risk group.

in Addition, it becomes possible to run out and test people living close together with other people. For example, it may be in nursing homes, communal residential facilities or prisons and shelters.

currently, the Danish health care test 5000 for the coronavirus of the day.

It is scheduled to increase to 10,000 in the next week and the week after easter be 15,000.

While the number of infections continues to increase, the number of admissions to its hospitals are not increased at the same pace.

From Monday to Thursday, the number has decreased from 533 to 525, while the patients in the icu has increased from 137 to 153 persons.

123 in Denmark, there was found to be contaminated with the coronavirus, have lost their lives.