32 people in Denmark have now died of the coronavirus, informs the Statens Serum Institut. The number was 24 on Monday.

32 people have now died of the coronavirus in Denmark, informs the Statens Serum Institut Tuesday.

Thus have a further eight people lost their lives. The figure was Monday on the 24.

at the same time, the number of hospitalized people with coronavirus has increased to 301 people. Thus, on the last day were hospitalized 47 danes.

Which is 69 hospitalized in intensive care, the state board of Health.

58 of the hospitalized in intensive care and currently have use of the respirator.

Tuesday’s increase in the number of inpatients is somewhat higher than in the past.

in recent days, The number thus increased by a maximum of 30 persons.

Monday was the number of inpatients 254. 55 was admitted to intensive.

The Danish health authorities have in recent weeks announced that they are expecting a big increase in the number of admissions during the spring.

The more coronapatienter is expected to put hospitals under pressure, and therefore work is being done to create more capacity.

Among other things, non-emergency operations postponed, and to train personnel to be able to take care of coronapatienterne.

the Number of danes infected with the coronavirus rises also continued. Tuesday morning has more than 100 new persons found to be contaminated over the past day.

In all, 1577 persons now found to be contaminated with coronavirus, state board of Health on Tuesday.

This is an increase from 1460 Monday. There is supposed to be a large mørketal, since it so far have been people with strong symptoms, that have been tested.

Health authorities have recently announced that the future will test even more – also, individuals with moderate symptoms.

so far, there has been a lack of test equipment, but the authorities are now in the process of obtaining the necessary equipment. It is among the Danish companies, who can possibly stand for the supplies.