the Flemish prime minister, Jan Jambon (N-VA) has set Wednesday afternoon for additional measures announced to help businesses to support the running, but it was still a little money.

the Companies that make their revenues by 60 per cent saw a decline, will soon be able to claim a one-time flat-rate contribution of 3000 euro. Among the other companies in the entertainment industry, hearing aids, glasses, and small pralinewinkels, painters and plumbers would be entitled to be able to make it.

For larger companies it resources are freed up in order to ensure that enterprises have sufficient cash to continue to be available. For such companies, it is, therefore, the waarborgcapaciteit by Gigarant will be increased from € 1.5 billion to € 3 billion. The flemish minister for Economy, mrs. Hilde Crevits: “a Lot of companies in this time of crisis is not the only difficulty with payments, but will also see their capital eroded. Companies will need to borrow. We now provide a Coronacrisiswaarborg where we’re from the government, 100 million euros will be provided. Large companies, which ensure up to 1.5 million euro is needed to have a Gigarant guarantee to get in. While We’re waarborgcapaciteit of the Gigarant of up to € 3 billion.”

you may Also start-ups and scale-ups, which are now in trouble, they can count on the support. “We have to make a subordinated loan may be for start-ups and scale-ups, of which we have a financial buffer in the medium-term view. We provide it in a share capital increase of 250 million euros, the Company in Flanders.”

The new package comes on top of the rst measures to be taken. “But, of course, the other measures are going to be the way to the bank, the government and the hinderpremie for the businesses that had to close,” said Jan Jambon.

finally, The Flemish government wants to do deep down in his pockets to help businesses and people with financial help in the coronacrisis, but the government will never have any losses, and lower income to be able to absorb or compensate for”. That said, the Flemish prime minister Jan Jambon. “There’s just not enough money to do that. The government is not in a state of total rest, to adapt to it.”

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