39 people on Board the dive boat “Conception” in California, as it stands on Monday morning, shortly before 3.30 PM (local time), suddenly in flames.

According to the U.S. coast guard is trapped, the great majority still on the ship. Only five Crew members have been rescued, they were in the main cabin. One of them is slightly injured.

the ship dropped

The passengers were asleep in the lower Deck. Whether someone from them has survived, is unclear. Bill Nash of Ventura County, told CNN: “It is a great boat and we know that there are a large number of Dead. But I have no exact number.” It is hoped that some people were able to swim ashore, but there.

The forces fought in the early hours of the morning against the flames in front of the island of Santa Cruz. The mist hinders the Work. Why the 22-Meter-long boat caught fire, is still unclear. Meanwhile, the Conception should be decreased, according to “VC Scanner”.

The ship left on Saturday to the home port in Santa Barbara and went to a three day dive trip. On Monday, it would have to return. (you/SDA)

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