Egg with wild garlic not only taste exquisite, but revived, also, the spring Breakfast. So Grab the whisk and go!

wild garlic omelette ingredients for 4 persons 1 BundBärlauch2Fleischtomaten½Zucchini8eier3 stalks of parsley Butter canola oil salt and pepper, spices to taste

preparation of garlic, tomatoes, Zucchini and parsley wash and chop.Butter and rapeseed oil in a frying pan heat.Vegetables and garlic in the frying pan until translucent.Eggs in a bowl and whisk to mix.Mass with parsley, salt and pepper mix.Egg in a frying pan with Oil and sauté.Steamed vegetables on the omelette and fry briefly.

you will Discover in the gallery the finished dish.

wild garlic scrambled eggs ingredients for 4 persons 1 BundBärlauch40 gSpeckwürfel8Eier8 ELSahne Butter salt and pepper, spices chop to taste

preparation of wild garlic wash and small.Butter in a frying pan heat the bacon and cook for.Eggs with cream and whisk together and salt and pepper.The egg mixture to the bacon, garlic add and fry briefly.The mass with a spatula push together and divide until a Golden brown scrambled eggs.

you will Discover in the gallery the finished dish.

Stuffed eggs with wild garlic ingredients for 4 persons 40 gBärlauch8gekochte Eier1 TLSenf1 SpritzerZitronensaft2 ELOlivenöl80 gButter salt and pepper, spices and peel to taste

preparation the eggs, cut in half and yolks removed.Warmed Butter with mustard until frothy.Lemon juice, salt and pepper into the Mustard mixture.Wild garlic wash, chop and season with olive oil and egg yolk mix.Egg yolk-mixture and Mustard mixture in a bowl and mix until a cream is formed.Cream in a pastry bag and fill the work turn out well so filling.

you will Discover in the gallery the finished dish.