the Number of inpatients coronapatienter continues the recent day trend and fall to 380.

299 persons in Denmark have died after being infected with coronavirus.

The 14 persons more than on Monday, according to figures from Statens Serum Institut Tuesday afternoon.

It can not be said with certainty if the people are dead because of the virus.

the Inventory includes deaths that are registered within 30 days after the demonstrated Covid-19 – the disease, which is triggered by the coronavirus.

It has previously been shown that a large proportion of the dead have had other diagnoses such as chronic lung disease, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

The latest figures also show that the number of inpatients coronapatienter continues the recent day trend.

There are now 380 persons hospitalized, including 93 in the intensive care unit. 80 is so seriously ill that they are placed in the respirator.

on Monday, there were 388 persons hospitalized, 100 in intensive care units and 87 of the respirator.

the Capital Region continues to have the highest number of inpatients, when you look at the distribution of coronapatienter in the five regions.

196 persons hospitalized with corona on the capital hospitals.

Authorities on Tuesday afternoon also adjusted the figure for raskmeldte.

2515 people have been infected with the virus, but have since become healthy again.

It is 280 more than on Monday.

the Health authorities talk about an “over infection” and not an outright fit for flight.

the Infection is defined as over, if not hospitalized, or death, 14 days after the virus was found.

on Tuesday afternoon informing the State Serum Institute, to a total of 6511 persons in Denmark are confirmed infected with the coronavirus.

In total 74.210 persons have been tested for the infection.

Academic director of the Statens Serum Institut Kåre Mølbak said at the press conference Tuesday afternoon that the “turning point” in the smittekurven has occurred around 2. april.

– It means that the efforts that were made to the 11.-12. march first beats through now. There has been a substantial decline, and it has occurred before, we waited. It is a good news, says Kåre Mølbak.