About a third of Russia’s population (more than 29%), according to the forecast, by 2030 will be people of working age, the report on the results of complex monitoring of the socio-economic situation of older persons in 2019 posted on the website of the Ministry of labor.

According to Rosstat, in 2019 in the Russian Federation with a slight decrease in the total population continues to grow, the number of older persons, the report notes. According to him, in 2019 in Russia of 146,7 million people every fourth was of retirement age (36.6 million people).

"the Projected number of population over working age by 2024, will increase to 40.8 million people (27,6%), and by 2030 – up to 43.7 million people. The older generation will account for more than 29% of the population," said the report.