Multiple testing may have helped to confirm several cases of coronasmittede danes.

the Number of coronasmittede danes has increased by more than 200 people on a single day.

Tuesday is 2815 persons in Denmark found infected with coronaviruses, informs the Statens Serum Institut. It is 238 more than Monday.

the Increase may be due to multiple answers on the test by persons who have symptoms of the virus.

There must, however, still supposed to be a large mørketal, since not everyone with symptoms is being tested.

Tuesday is a total 23.763 persons have been tested for coronaviruses. This is an increase of 2123 persons compared with the most recent statement from Monday.

The 23.763 people tested do not include testing where there is still no testsvar, or where the test response has failed to provide a definitive answer.

In the recent past, the authorities have announced that there will be more tests. It happens after recommendations from the world health organization (WHO), who have called for galore of the test.

so far, 77 danes died while they were infected with the coronavirus.

When it is put up against the number of confirmed infected, it is 2.7 percent of those infected, which has since died.

At a press conference Monday afternoon said the prime minister Mette Frederiksen (S), to guarantee will be more, as being infected with coronavirus, and also more are going to die with the virus in the body.

But she pointed out that many of the actions being done in Denmark, will start to work.

If all danes continues to follow the authorities ‘ recommendations some weeks yet, opened the prime minister that the country may be heading towards a calm and re-opening on the other side of the easter holidays in april.

the Authorities at home have not yet published figures for how many people have had the coronavirus, but which has subsequently become healthy again. The first number is expected to be published this week.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, which follows coronapandemien, is so far 166.276 people worldwide become healthy after having had the virus.

It must be kept up against 787.631 confirmed infected worldwide.