Coronavirussen is placed on the market in Wuhan of some higher power, believe Sema Simone, as the daily is independent and is working as a coach.

Along with nearly 2,000 other airs she daily her opinions coronavirussen in Facebookgrupperne ‘The popular demonstration – the fight for freedom’ and ‘site of the thing – a protest against the system’s abuses’.

In the groups gather people who believe as Sema Simone; that something is going on behind the scenes, which may not come to light, and the groups ‘ membership is rising in the moment daily.

Why would we even have created the virus?

“Now I speak just right out of the bag, because I don’t care, and I say things as they are, I think, because I want some truth out there. Coronavirussen are here to collapse the world economy, and gather us on one currency, under one nation and create a verdensglobalt society under the one-percent.”

Who are the one percent?

“I will not point fingers, but there’s this one percent of the world’s population that owns 40 percent of the world’s wealth and money, and institutions and institutions, and the economy and education and the pharmaceutical industry, and they have an agenda around the control. I’m pretty sure that they have got implemented the virus in Wuhan.”

How confident are you that you have the right?

“100 percent.”

What is the purpose otherwise with coronavirussen?

“To have a reason to limit our freedom by making laws about tvangsvaccination, one has to monitor us via our mobiles and force themselves into our home.”

the Government says even in the context of hasteloven, as you refer to, that the law can be used to ‘to protect the compelling interests of public health’. Thus, it has according to the government are not intended to restrict our freedom, but to protect us against the virus. What do you think about it?

“It is, I think, is a political rhetoric, trying to justify their actions to the people.”

“I do not follow just what the media says and give my authority away on the way. Therefore, I am out and doing my own research and find out that there are some stories that cannot be published, but which are censored.”

Can you give an example of a lookup that you have been deleted?

“I got deleted a post I made with regard to the symptoms of electromagnetic radiation and corona virus, which is the here 5G network.”

Many writes on Facebooksiderne ‘public demonstration’ and ‘if possible’, that there is a direct correlation between the 5G and coronavirus, but there is no evidence, and the experts that I’ve spoken with reject the also pure. Has Facebook not only deleted the ad, because it is not true?

“What makes the Facebook to the master of what I may think is right and wrong? There we go the wrong in democracy, because then we sorted out from the some information, as we have all the right to have and know, so it is probably a problem: Who should determine the truth in our society?”

What with the Statens Serum Institut, Danish Health and medicines authority and the WHO. Do you know what is right and wrong?

“I do not use the WHO as a reliable source at all. I does not use serum institute as a source for anything.”

What with our prime minister?

“I have not many comments to the prime minister.”

Is a reliable source for you one source, which just underlines it, you think?

“I think when people like Vibeke Manniche goes out and tells about how political the decisions are, so bother I good to hear, because she has medical evidence to support it.”

Now you say even that there are some things, which you do not have sufficient medical evidence to say. Are you not worried about spreading disinformation on the web?

“It can also be really dangerous if it is misinformation, and it actually is me who has the right. Who knows what is right and what is wrong? I do not trust my government, and I do not trust that it here is just a coronavirus.”

To exit the Sema Simone, while she stresses that she is just a citizen who wonders.