Since 2014, 26 cultural heritage sites have been restored at VDNH. This is reported on the official website of the mayor of the capital.

“The Moscow authorities took the course for the renewal of VDNH in the spring of 2014 – then large-scale restoration, reconstruction and overhaul of pavilions and buildings, as well as complex landscaping of the territory unfolded at the exhibition. The main concept was the return of VDNH to the appearance of 1954, when the main symbols of the exhibition appeared. Over eight years, specialists have restored 26 cultural heritage sites, including the famous pavilions, alleys, flower beds and fountains,” the report says.

As explained in the article, currently VDNH is one of the largest open-air architecture museums, uniting 49 cultural heritage sites on its territory. Interactive expositions, modern public spaces, educational and cultural centers are opened here every year.

The exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy turns 83 on August 1.