Recall that the President at a meeting on sanitary-epidemiological situation and new measures to support citizens and the economy stressed that it was important to save jobs, teams, the business infrastructure that is now critical is not reduced employment and businesses could be fast enough to rebuild their teams, to increase, to normalize economic life in General.

Measures to support entrepreneurs in difficult times developed both at Federal and regional level. And the main thing – competently to use them.

– the measures taken by the state, the region, this action is unprecedented. But, of course, entrepreneurs, active people, energetic, with a commercial vein, you cannot sit idly by. It is necessary in this period to act, to see the opportunities offered by the state, – stressed the Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov.

About what support measures you can take to the entrepreneurs of the Samara region tell literally from the horse’s mouth. Instructions to hold meetings in this format with representatives of industry business previously given the head of the region.

Experts open online conference with entrepreneurs were made by the representatives of the Federal tax service, banks, business support infrastructure.

– in Addition to the permanent systematic work on the development of new instruments of business support during a pandemic, every week we organise large open online conference business, which name is everyone, – said the Minister of economic development and investment Samara region Dmitry Bogdanov. – Last time we engaged the Ministry of labour of the Samara region, today connected the Ministry of industry and trade, as trade is one of the most affected industries. It is important that all entrepreneurs should possess the necessary them information on support measures and were able to use them. We are meeting not less important than business, because according to them we can quickly identify and fix local administrative shortcomings and be directed to the Federal centre our proposals.

the Participants of the online conference noted that direct dialogue with the authorities is particularly important.

– people in this situation had a certain fear and misunderstanding which way to look, what are the challenges in terms of information. It is very important that the top officials of the government and the province sit yourself in front of a computer and respond to all these pressing issues – said the businessman Viktor Ivlev, co-owner of fairs of farm produce “Viva Fair.”

the Other guy is asked to help the business connected with the work. At the meeting he learned that at the Federal levelno decision has been made to include in the list of the most affected branches of economy, manufacture of articles of arts and crafts as well as trade using the machines. Now, these entrepreneurs also can take advantage of the full range of support measures, which are constantly supplemented. The measures which were announced by the President during a televised address on may 11 are important for business, according to the national center for public opinion research, says 66% of Russians.

Following the meeting with the business community will take place next week. The Ministry of economic development and investment invites to all comers. The announcement of the upcoming event will be posted on a single portal for business support

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