The rapid spread of the Coronavirus in New York is taking on ever more alarming proportions. Alone in New York City there are (as of 2. April, 0 hours), and Infected 45,000 and 2000 Corona Dead. Every day about 240 people die in the city on the Covid-19. The situation is desperate, because the hospitals are hopelessly overcrowded. There is also a lack of important medical equipment. Mainly ventilators are few and far between, so in part two, patients must be provided with a device

And now the Virus also calls the life of people who are not infected with Covid-19. New guidelines for health workers state that victims of cardiac arrest that can’t be resuscitated, must be left to Die. As a result, the Corona patients crowded relieves the strain on hospitals.

“If you can’t be revived, it was the”

The regional Council for emergency medical services in New York decided on Tuesday. A letter with the new regulations is the New York newspaper “The New York Post”. So far, it was a matter of course, heart attack patients at further resuscitation are trying to bring to the hospital. However given the Corona-patients congested emergency departments and intensive care units must now people die so others can survive.

“they [the paramedics] do what you can to save the people with the highest likelihood of Survival,” explains a medical assistant in an interview with the “New York Post”. The rule is, “If you can’t be revived, that was it. You will try it, but if you don’t get a pulse back, they will not drive you to the hospital,“ informed the assistant.

This would follow the current policy: “No non-traumatic or blunt traumatic cardiac arrest in adults may be transported during manual or mechanical compression in a hospital, without either a return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) or a direct order of a medical control physician is, unless there is an immediate physical danger for the rescue service on the spot”, – stated in the letter.

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The corpses in the custody of the police remain

in Addition, the new decree provides for the elimination of the on-site deceased: When a revival is finished unsuccessfully, and the body is visible to the public, you can remain in the custody of the New York police Department NYPD. If the NYPD should arrive late on the scene, the paramedics, a special unit of the police call. This takes care of the elimination of the on-the-spot deceased.

the dead are irritating to the capacity of the morgues out. So currently, temporary cooling tents, in which the bodies are kept, in the town.
Markus Söder profiled in the crisis and other party leaders behind FOCUS Online/Wochit Markus Söder profiled in the crisis and other party leaders behind Where Coronavirus occurs? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease