Slovan Bratislava has it fist-thick behind the ears. The has Uefa on your own body. The feud between the two parties is reminiscent of the dispute to a classic mother-and-son.

at the end of August, the Bratislava Fans in the Europa League game against PAOK Thessaloniki, with racist chants on the attention. Uefa is clear: “son” Bratislava needs to be punished for his wrongdoing. The verdict: The Slovak champion has to host the next two home games against Beskitas and Wolverhampton in front of empty stands. Two classic mind games. Mostly a very sad state of Affairs for all Involved.

“mother,” Uefa has not reckoned with the Crook of Bratislava. The Slovaks rebel. And lo and behold, you find a loophole. In accordance with the criminal requirements of Uefa, the spectator ban is only for paying viewers from the age of 14. So what do you do? The Tickets will be distributed free of charge to children under the age of 14. Bratislava is celebrated for its creativity, Uefa looks in the tube. The Association’s hands are tied.

away fans are the ones who suffer

two months Ago, makes Bratislava against Beskitas from the loophole, for the first Time use. The club gave away about 6,000 Tickets to children and thus avoid the spirit of the game-atmosphere. Against Wolverhampton have done it, the Slovaks now again – but in a much bigger success and style richer. Around 21’000 Kids flock to on Thursday evening to the stadium and transform the venue into a madhouse.

Very sorry the guests to wear fans. The English Fans are only around 200 Tickets available for the you need to the normal price to pay.

a Small fly in the ointment: Wolverhampton of the “Bubi”-setting in Bratislava, stick to your guns and win the game with 2:1. (jk)