Not a good end of the year for the Airbus A220: In December 2022, the European aircraft manufacturer had to remove a total of 21 examples of the jet from the order books.

After three A220-100s and 17 A220-300s were listed for the Irish company Lease Corporation International in November, there has been a gap at this point since December, as the figures now published by Airbus show.

Macquarie Financial Holding also reduced its A220-300 orders from 28 to 27. The manufacturer was unable to collect any new orders for the model in December. This means that in 2022 four orders for the A220-100 faced three cancellations – so only one ordered jet remained net.

The annual balance sheet for the A220-300 was better: 123 new orders clearly exceeded the 19 cancellations, leaving a total of 104 additional orders.

This article was written by Timo Nowack

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