The railway subsidiary DB Schenker could be sold in the coming year. Transport Minister Volker Wissing is pushing for a quick kick in FOCUS. According to the FDP minister, the railways must concentrate on their core business.

Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) wants to sell the DB logistics subsidiary Schenker. “Deutsche Bahn must concentrate on its core business and bring it into shape,” demanded the FDP politician in an interview with the Berlin news magazine FOCUS. The state-owned company has “enough to do in Germany with renovation and modernization, but also with digitization”. Wissing continues: “For an international company like Schenker, it is better to be separated from the Deutsche Bahn group.”

2023 will be an “important year” for Deutsche Bahn anyway, Wissing continued. Among other things, he announced that other branch lines would be upgraded in the coming year. From 2024, these routes are to act as alternative routes to eight main routes, which are then to be completely closed and renovated for around six months. Further restrictions for passengers cannot be ruled out. Problems will arise by the end of the decade.

Wissing to FOCUS: “I can’t do quick miracles. But I can ensure that our infrastructure is brought back into shape after years of neglect.” That requires “a lot of staying power, and I have it,” Wissing continues.