On Whit Sunday there was a fatal accident in Carinthia, Austria. A man fell hundreds of meters in front of his wife.

At the weekend, a Slovakian hiker fell fatally while descending the western ridge of the small Reißkofel in the Hermagor district. According to a report from “Krone.at”, the 41-year-old lost his balance and fell 200 meters into the north face.

The victim’s companion, his 35-year-old wife, immediately made an emergency call. According to “ Klick-kärnten ,” the C7 rescue helicopter then rushed to the scene of the accident. Despite the quick help, the emergency doctor who rushed to the scene could only determine that the man was dead.

The couple had apparently been on a mountain hike when the accident happened. The 41-year-old lost his balance and fell into the depths in front of his wife. The exact circumstances of the fatal accident are still unclear.

The rescue helicopter rescued both the deceased and his wife using rope and brought them back to the valley. According to initial findings, the woman remained uninjured.

Fatal accidents involving hikers occur again and again – according to “Tourenfex.at”, 120 people have accidents in Austria alone every year. Therefore, you should not overestimate yourself, find out about your hiking route and take the necessary equipment with you.

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