“When sports are up to 20 meters safety distance required” is the realization of a study of Belgian and Dutch scientists, the 7. April was mentioned for the first time online, and shortly thereafter went viral. Also, FOCUS Online reported. Bert Block, the main author of the study, had to since your Appear, however, been much criticized.

the study was initially not at all

published A large Problem, the scientists also see in it: the study was published, before it was “peer reviewed”, so scientifically counter-checked. Yet fierce in criticism: First of all, was not published in the study but only the article in a Belgian newspaper, and the Block had a talk about his results. This article he himself was shortly thereafter translated into English online.

And as “up to 20 meters distance from the vehicle in front” is not only a great contrast to the previously recommended one to two meters, but especially in the big cities is hardly feasible, be described by some critics as the first published results of the study as counter-productive and frustration-making, could be interpreted their results very easily in the wrong. Corona-office hours: here you can Set your question to Covid-19

The number of Corona-ill people increases, the of the questions as well. FOCUS Online has therefore built up a network of experts and answer your questions.

The consultation

Block feels misunderstood: the study is not to discourage Outdoor sports

Block, however, mentioned in various Twitter Posts, the study is intended to invoke neither to make any Sport more in the open, that people should generally keep 20 meters distance from each other. The important finding from the study was that people who spend time Outdoors should not go in the wind shadow of the people in front of you, Jogging or Cycling, since that is where most viruses were. It would be better to move diagonally or – if possible – next to each other.

Harvard epidemiologists “boils the blood”

William Hanage, a Harvard epidemiologist, echauffierte in the conversation with “Vice US” the publication of the study. He referred to them as “harmful” and declared that blocking statement, that the study would contribute to the fight against Covid-19, his “blood boil” would be. Product recommendation (display)

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Since the blocking study, it was first published not in a scientific Journal, but as an Interview in a Belgian newspaper, find fault with scientists, the lack of explanations of the approach and findings. Meanwhile, Block has made up for that, however partially and still not counter-checked – pre-release version of the study on its website, “urban physics” loaded. He also published on the same page, a question-and-answer document, in the questions, such as “it makes sense that the mainly engineers have conducted this study?” will be answered. < / h3> Reported corona virus cases in Germany (click on your state)

survey shows majority of Germans with a clear mind to verhängtem prohibition of Contact FOCUS Online/Wochit 44 percent for the extension of the measures: survey shows majority of Germans with a clear mind to verhängtem contact ban