the aircraft Carrier “Charles de Gaulle” is returned to hjembase in Toulon after coronasmitte.

Members of the crew on the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” and a eskortfregat are returned to their hjembase in Toulon, after at least 50 people on the aircraft carrier has been coronasmittet.

The French fleet after the outbreak of “Charleds de Gaulle” have begun to isolate the 1900 sailors from the aircraft carrier and the accompanying frigate, writes news agency AFP.

“Charles de Gaulle” the French navy’s flagship.

Members of the crew of the eskortfregatten has also been affected by the virus, but it is still unclear how many, who has been sick.

The French defense ministry says that the crew of the “Charles de Gaulle” will be tested and placed in quarantine for 14 days in military garrisons in the region.

The same applies flymandskab on board the vessel and the crew on board the frigate.

the Carrier has aborted a mission which included sailing from the Mediterranean via the Atlantic ocean to the North sea.

The american aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is hit by a similar outbreak.

There was the captain on board the lighthouse, when he sounded the alarm about the infection – a decision which later led to the acting secretary of the navy Donald Trumps government went by.

“Charles de Gaulle” docked in Toulon on Sunday afternoon.