With dress size 6XL and 175 kilos, Andreas decides to change his life – and he succeeds. With sport and a change in diet, he lost a total of 88 kilos and was able to stop taking his pills.

This article first appeared on our partner portal FitForFun. Author is Andreas Hoppe.

In February 2017 I started changing my life – at a weight of 175 kilos. I never thought that my weight loss would change my life the way it is now.

There were several reasons why I started: I looked at the nutrition docs on NDR from time to time and thought: “Oops, what is possible and feasible with nutrition and sport/exercise…”

I had type 2 diabetes and didn’t feel like having to inject insulin anymore. Then I finally wanted to wear clothes that are fashionable – in the end I was a size 6 XL.

I no longer wanted chairs to collapse under me and also the slatted frame from the bed.

I thought to myself: “Andreas, you want it, it clicked in my head.” And what did I have to lose? Nothing, except when things go well – kilos.

I changed my diet. Three meals a day, nothing in between. I gave up 90 percent of sugar and drastically reduced carbohydrates, and also ate more protein.

Of course I stayed in a calorie deficit. It wasn’t difficult for me at all from the start. No ravenous hunger attacks, no bad mood and also no phases of depression – which my environment has always confirmed to me.

I had set myself the goal of losing 50 kilos. Such a path is not possible without a goal. And not without examining your own eating habits.

I moved more in the first six months, didn’t take the escalator or elevator. At first I thought it wouldn’t work, but the first step is the biggest.

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But here, too, the first step was not easy, but a big one. So from September 2017 I did sport three times a week – namely EGym. These are fully electronic strength machines for all muscle groups, which have been developed according to the latest scientific training findings.

At the beginning of the training, the biological age is also determined using a force measurement. At the beginning I was 83 years old, now I’m 22 years old – on paper of course I’m still 55.

I would also like to say that I managed everything without surgery, chemicals or shakes.

And if the question arises as to what happened to the skin: Yes, it hangs a bit on the stomach and on the upper arms and thighs. But after careful consideration, I decided that nobody has to look perfect and at 55 skin can also sag and this is part of my story and my path.

No one would have thought that I could make it or make it through. From January 2018 I was insulin-free, only had to take pills – and not even since October 2018. I’m sort of a dry diabetic.

I honestly had tears in my eyes when this was announced to me. I’ve also had to take beta blockers, cholesterol lowering meds and blood pressure lowering meds, that’s all history and I’m feeling as good as ever.

In total I’ve lost 88 kilos, wear size M/L and continue to exercise two to three times a week – because I enjoy it! I would like to encourage everyone that everything is possible, but that it is up to you. I certainly don’t have a hunk or a six pack and I’m just a normal man.

I live and love my new life. Sports and exercise are just as much a part of my life as breathing. Conscious eating and living are a matter of course.

I’m damn proud of my success story. at Dr. Johannes Wimmer and was able to motivate other people. If someone had predicted this to me 5 years ago… I would have laughed.

Anything is possible with belief in yourself.

You can contact Andreas Hoppe on his Instagram account @andreashoppe67. There you will also find further background information about his success story.

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