among the priority measures, which the government prepared regulations, included new social benefits. Vladimir Putin signed a decree on one-time assistance for children up to 16 years. The family will again receive for each child for $ 10,000. “On these purposes from reserve Fund of the government will send more than 270 billion rubles,” – said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at the Cabinet meeting.

Over 20 billion roubles will get the regions for the provision of incentive payments to doctors, middle and Junior medical staff and other professionals providing assistance to citizens with coronavirus infection. “Also will sign a decree on the extension of such payments for July and August,” – said the head of government.

the same amount in the form of grants will be provided to the enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses and socially oriented non-profit organizations to fulfill the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor for the prevention of coronavirus. “We are talking about the companies in the sphere of physical culture and sport, hospitality, catering, and other industries,” – said Mikhail Mishustin. They must comply with the measures of epidemiological safety, to preserve the health of clients and their employees to use personal protective equipment, including masks and gloves. All this requires a lot of expenses.

“the Allocated funds will support about 500 thousand companies with a total workforce of more than 1.5 million people,” – said Mishustin. To receive a subsidy, the organization needs to seek support from the FNS via personal Cabinet of the taxpayer.

Block initiatives the President has devoted to the development of the economy, which is planned to change the system of regulation and improve tax conditions. Individual tax reform will be implemented in the IT-industry. “The past months have clearly shown how this sphere is important and promising for the modern economy and its stable development”, – said the Prime Minister. Companies in this sector on a permanent basis will reduce premiums from 14 to 7.6 percent, and profit tax from 20 percent to 3 percent.

the Maneuver has two key objectives. “First – the tax burden of domestic companies when doing business in Russia should not be higher than the tax burden of foreign companies making profit from sources in our country,” – said Mishustin. The second objective is to create favorable conditions for Russian IT-the company worked out of our country and not migrated physically or infrastructure in other jurisdictions.

the Premier urged the Ministers as soon as possible to work out a regulatory framework for the implementation of the new initiatives of the President: “I Ask all government members to treat this responsibly and preparedbuild everything you need in a short time”.

the agenda of the meeting included just three of the bill, developing the mechanism of territorial public self-managements. Through them, the active citizens have the opportunity to resolve issues of local self-government, to be engaged in improvement of territories, to promote social projects. In Russia, according to the Ministry, there are about 32 thousand of such associations: two-thirds are in cities, others in rural areas. “The practice of territorial self-government is old, but this institution was inadequate, including because of uncertainty with the legal status,” said Mikhail Mishustin.

– to fix this, it is proposed to legislate that the territorial public self-administration authorities are non-profit and corporate organizations and their activities are equivalent to activities of socially oriented NGOs, he said. This, like other NGOs, they will be able to count on state support, including financial, property and consulting.