In India have died after consuming adulterated liquor, at least 155 people. 85 were killed according to the authorities in the district of Golaghat, 58 in the neighbouring Jorhat.

“About 200 people are still in the hospital, but I think that the worst is over,” said government employees Dhiren Hazarika on Sunday. According to Doctors, the patients suffer from strong Nausea, chest pain, and shortness of breath.

too Much Methanol in the liquor

The victims, many of whom are women, have worked on tea plantations in the Region. You should have drank the adulterated liquor on Thursday.

the First evidence that the drink contained a significant amount of Methanol, consumed in a larger scale – can be lethal. The investigation continued, however.

According to the police, 14 people were arrested, to stand with the manufacture and distribution of liquor. In addition, 15’000 litres of liquor have been destroyed in a RAID.

The authorities furloughed in addition, two officials, because they had taken no precautions against the sale of alcohol. Assam government chief Sarbananda Sonowal has ordered an investigation.

survivors receive 2800 francs

The Minister of health of the Federal state, Himanta Biswa Sarma, visited some of the victims in the hospital in Jorhat and announced, “to spare the perpetrators of that tragedy.” The survivors every death victim should receive 200’000 rupees (about 2800 Swiss francs).

Around 1000 people die mostly from poorer backgrounds, according to the government data every year in India on the consumption of adulterated alcohol. In the poor rural areas of India, much is sold of distilled liquor, because it is cheap.

the Dead because of adulterated alcohol

is Often mixed with the booze, the highly toxic Methanol, has been added to increase the alcohol content. Large amounts of it can lead to blindness, liver damage and death.

in the past, it came to dramatic death cases: 200 people died in the year 1992 in the state of Odisha, in 2011, Bengal 180 in the West. And less than two weeks ago the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, came to the North more than 100 people after consuming adulterated liquor killed. (SDA)