In Moscow, exposed on the open auctions premises for small and medium businesses, renting which is possible at a reduced rate. Attention entrepreneurs offering 150 sites with a minimum bet of one thousand rubles per square meter.

Take these premises in the lease is 10 years with possibility of extension of the contract will be the winners of public auctions. Objects exposed for sale, located in different districts of Moscow and differ in their technical characteristics.

the Area exposed on the auctions of the premises varies from five to one thousand square meters. The organizer of the auction is the Department of Moscow on competition policy.

“most of the special offers available now in East administrative district. Here for rental of space 34 is exposed. Also, a large number of lots at reduced rates is available on the South and South-East of the capital — 27 and 22 objects, respectively”, — said the head of the Department Ivan Shcherbakov.

Before the end of this year at the specialized trades is planned to transfer to small business another 550 premises.

the Moscow Government adopted three packages of measures to support entrepreneurs in the period of a pandemic, whose primary purpose is to help businesses save jobs. Earlier, Sergei Sobyanin has created an operational headquarters to support the economy of the city, which was headed by Deputy Moscow Mayor for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov. Among the key tasks of staff monitoring the situation on the capital companies, development of measures to ensure financial stability. The staff helps companies to negotiate with banks and is involved in the restoration of supply chains and distribution.

entrepreneurs: the capital increased its contracts with small businesses by 36 percent of Property support will cover more than 5.8 thousand representatives of small and medium business