happened in your accident in Hägendorf SO last week – just a day before the Drama in Effretikon ZH, in which the small Lazar (†10) died. Also Rinesa Krasniqi (15) was driving on the pedestrian crossing after a roundabout.

she noticed the Drama of the little Lazar. She speaks with a VIEW in the presence of their mother (45). The student recalls with horror of last Monday. “I wanted to cross the Zebra crossing to the bus stop to go home.”

“I felt a blow in the right hip”

According to the center island, she looked to the right. “When I saw that a car was a driveway at the next Roundabout, I thought: Now I can run over there.” However, the Arm (75) of the dark station wagon, drove out of the Gäustrasse in the rotor and in the direction of Olten SO left, “overlooked,” according to police, the young people.

It popped! “I felt a blow in the right hip and flew away.” They crashed to the ground. “Then I could no longer move me,” says Rinesa. You have to be screaming with pain. And: “I haven’t felt my legs.”

Rinesa is flown with the Rega to the hospital in Bern. Her pelvis is broken, she has injuries to the spine, a head wound, injuries to the neck and bruises. Nevertheless, in Surgery, you do not need to be. On Wednesday Rinesa allowed to return home. However, it may be due to the injured pelvis almost only in the bed. “I hope that I can soon be back in school.”

“I’m glad that nothing worse happened,”

motorists Rinesa says: “I’m sure he was driving too fast.” He had not taken care of you after the accident. Students told her that he had shouted, they had only themselves to blame. He later calls at her home. “We don’t want to speak with him at the Moment”, so Rinesa. To VIEW the 75-year-old driver has not commented on the accident.

Rinesa wants now, “that after spinning the Zebra stripes to be placed in the future away”. You also know: “You can’t make the accident to undo. I am glad that nothing worse happened. I had many guardian angels with me!”