15-year-old son of Deputy mayor staged a race accident instead of quarantine upon returning from Courchevel (VIDEO)

Deputy mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov the Vice-mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov
AGN Moscow / Sergey Vedyashkin

the Headquarters of Alexei Navalny in Moscow found out that the Vice-mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov at the height of the epidemic coronavirus sent his minor son Oscar in Courchevel, where, in the words of mayor Sergey Sobyanin, Muscovites brought “a suitcase full of viruses.” Upon returning, the young man continued to chat with people, participated in illegal street races on the parent car and along with other “majors” staged an accident.

According to the headquarters of Navalny, an informal Association of teenagers street racing, which owns the son of Maxim Liksutov Oscar, posts videos about his adventures on YouTube. And, despite the fact that they obscure faces and rooms, it turned out that driving one of the cars is the son of the head of the Department of transportation, which this year was only 15 years old.

the ex-wife Maxim Liksutov Tatiana was an elite Mercedes AMG GLE 63s with a license plate А008МО97. On the body of the car is pasted the inscription MAJORKA PRIVATE (“Majorca private”). This is the name of the account in Instagram, which is owned by the YouTube channel MAJORKA. The channel dedicated to extreme driving and speed racing through the city streets. Video puts a group of teenagers street racing from wealthy families.

Among the published video there is a clip where a car of the same model that Tatyana Listowel, happy racing with another car and behind the wheel sits a man named Oscar. In addition, the video appears nick nemajor_049: Telegram-account with the same name also is person named Oscar. He has a few avatars, one tootori is a photo of Maxim Liksutov with two children, whose names are Robert and Oscar.

“Obviously, “nemajor_049″ is a nickname of Oscar, he said 15-year-old son of the head of Diptrans. And that he is behind the wheel in a video posted on YouTube”, – concluded the authors of the investigation. In Instagram Oscar also posted a lot of pictures Mercedes A008MO97 in different angles as well as photos and video from the driver’s seat. He often broadcasts live to post storys video of driving in the city at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour. Last year alone in the name of Liksutov wrote about 40 of fines, mostly for speeding, but he said Jr. is not stopping.

the traffic police do not pay much attention to minor driver. As reported by the Oscar, they stop, but then let go: one of the reasons for this could be the series numbers AMO97. This series is about power structures of Moscow and had stood in the Lexus of the head of Diptrans.

In mid-February, parents sent Oscar in Courchevel, and he’ll post stories from there to mid 20’s of February. After the teenager returned, he, contrary to the call of the mayor, did not isolate themselves from family members living in the same house. As the authors of the investigation, instead, the son of the Noted “continued to drive” and staged accidents, flying into the oncoming traffic lane.

“We sent an appeal to the traffic police, Prosecutor’s office and the Department of internal security to take action against the family of Liksutov, But faith in the police we have. Therefore, we need your help. Let us unite and expel Liksutov and his friends from the clinics,” conclude the authors of the investigation.

Maxim Liksutov is among the richest Metropolitan officials: SOGin line with the Declaration of income and property Moscow civil servants in 2018, the head of the transport complex of the capital earned 19.9 million rubles. Thus, his annual salary is only the ninth part of his income. Himself Liksutov explained that declared assets include sale of assets and other income “given the past life [in the business]”.

According to the Deputy mayor, good earnings provide private companies or private business, the civil service also provides “knowledge and invaluable experience.” According to the Declaration, the Noted in the property there are three land plots with a total area about 4 thousand square meters, the apartment building 2,129 thousand in sq. m, two premises and two motorcycle – Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle and Ducati XDiavel S.

a Year earlier Liksutov headed the list with an income in 219,7 million rubles. In the mayor’s office explained that the mayor sold the apartment and the car.

In earlier years he was much more impressive fleet of vehicles: cars, Lamborghini Diablo, Dodge Viper, Mercedes-Benz G 55 AMG and Mercedes-Benz ML 500, as well as five motorcycles and boat Protea. Four Executive cars were registered in the wife Liksutov, with whom he subsequently divorced. In 2014, the opposition leader Alexei Navalny has accused the mayor of fictitious divorce after the adoption of the law prohibiting officials to own foreign assets. Himself Liksutov denied it.

the Head of diptrans Moscow also featured in “the Panamanian dossier” – the documents of the offshore Registrar Mossack Fonseca, which in 2016 after the leak is at the disposal of investigative journalists. They found that Liksutov was the beneficiary of three offshore: Venlaw Consultants Co. Inc. (Bahamas), TG Rail Limited (Cyprus), Cantazaro Limited (Cyprus).

city Hall at the request of the deputies of the state Duma Igor Lebedev and Yaroslav Nilov checked Liksutov on precastspine to offshore companies and found no violations. The Metropolitan government said that he got rid of his two foreign firms before settled the civil service.

he came to the Moscow government in 2011 from the transport business. It was called the co-owner of transport companies “Transmashholding”, “TransGroup AU”, “Aeroexpress”, “Urban transport system of light rail”, “Moscow monorail” and joint ventures with Railways – “RailTransAuto”, Moscow-Tver suburban passenger company, Central suburban passenger company (CPPC). According to the municipality, in 2011, he transferred to the trust management of its stake of Cyprus company “Atento holdings”, and in September 2012 sold the shares of “Servlet Equities Inc.”, registered in the British virgin Islands. Liksutov also reported that get rid of the Russian business assets.