A 32-year-old man has been arrested in a case of a 15-year-old boy’s death in Hørby in the north of Jutland.

the Boy was found dead Saturday morning on boldbanerne in Hørby.

The 32-year-old man is accused of having left the boy in the helpless state.

It writes The Police in a press release.

It is reported that the 32-year-old man was arrested at. 22.20, and that he is resident in Frederikshavn Municipality.

“It is a very tragic case that we have investigated intensively, since the notification came through to us on Saturday morning at. 08.08,” says vicepolitiinspektør Sune Myrup, and he adds that the police investigation has been able to prove that prior to the time of death has been contact between the deceased and the now arrested man. A contact, as the police of the grounds for the investigation, not at the present time can elaborate.

“But it is with the background of this touch – and of course the other information that our exploration has provided – that today we manufacture the man arrested in a grundlovsforhør with the requirements of imprisonment,” says vicepolitiinspektør Sune Myrup.

the Police received notification of the death 08.08 Saturday morning, and the police tells that it is about a boy from the local area.

‘because of the circumstances, which the 15-year-old was found and that the police do not want to explain at the present time, of the consideration to the case were in the course of Saturday to investigate the solid with the purpose of identifying the boy’s whereabouts up to the death,’ writes the police in a press release.

‘the Police have also made several additional investigative steps in the case, including the forhøringer, interviews and a wide range of technical investigations on and around the findestedet,’ it sounds it on.

yesterday was the announcement from the police that there was no evidence that the boy’s death occurred as a consequence of an accident.

The arrested persons are being produced today at. 11.00 at a closed grundlovsforhør, which takes place at the court in Hjørring. Because grundlovsforhøret will be held behind closed doors, and out of respect for the investigation, want the police preliminary not to tell more about the case.