In the household Broken items to repair or have it repaired instead of buying new. A repair can save up to 24 kilograms of CO2. Start the Repair Cafés are in addition to workshops.
Real vintage stuff, so Second-hand, prefer to use – protects the environment and the climate twice, by waste can be avoided and resources used. That is wonderful about many barter exchanges, flea markets, and boulder offices. Or simply unneeded things to friends and Acquaintances to give away.
apartment with a few homemade remedies to keep clean instead of many special cleaners – saves on packaging and the oil is included in many of the conventional detergents and cleaning agents.
The Laundry on the clothesline to dry instead of in the dryer. So a little humidity in the apartment and saves energy costs.
Seldom-used items borrow instead of buy. You can also rent furniture.
save energy by less Stand-by. Instead of pulling the plug, you can take the devices with a wireless adapter plug from the mains.
not to heat In the Winter to the summer. With a degree cooler room temperature, you can save six percent of your Heating bill, as well as the associated CO2 emissions. And window open to push air. This saves on Heating costs compared to the tilted window and also reduces the CO2 emissions. Also the formation of mould is prevented. When you eat reusable instead of disposable choose. In combination with short transport distances of the products are in reusable plastic containers such as mineral water, juices and yoghurts are particularly eco-friendly.
With little or no packaging shopping not only saves the energy of manufacturing Packaging as well as waste disposal.
to prefer local products over those from Overseas. Because the transports have a large share of the CO2-footprint of food. With the purchase of regional food, this can be greatly reduced.
prefer to use Seasonal products to stock. A regional Apple in the autumn, is more climate-friendly than a stock Apple in the height of summer. Finally, the Apples of energy must be stored intensively.
More non-food eating worked instead of finished products. Finally, for the industrial production, Transport and packaging, in addition, energy is required. The pleasure of Jogging or walking on a treadmill instead of in the gym. In both places, the calories disappear. But a brightly-lit and heated, gym, energy is consumed. In addition, you can soak up the sun on the outside light.
In terms of the environment and of one’s own recovery, it is better to have a long distance trip by plane to the company instead of many smaller trips. Or, even better, travel by train. Flowers in the garden without peat buy. Or of course yourself-Plant-soil composting. For the peat bogs are destroyed, the include Save to the most effective CO2 removal.