It had been on the cards for a while, but on Wednesday last week resolved the municipal council in Gjesdal that Landstreff Stavanger Kongeparken needs to be cancelled.

Last week said the organizer Lund Gruppen AS that they needed time to find out what they should offer instead. Monday got several thousand russ answer in the mailbox:

No get again money for the ticket, but all the add-ons to be paid back. This applies up to 10,000 of 14.500 who have bought a ticket, according to the organizer.

As a replacement can russen choose between several events. A pass to hit Back Together – by LS, which will take place in king’s park next spring. They can also get two pass to the Elvefestivalen in Drammen in august, two season pass to the Amusement or a pass to the Palmesus in Kristiansand in July.

1000 members at one time

– When we have spent thousands of money and also being offered celebration next year, or the season pass in the Amusement, it is an incredibly weak replacement. Not in the near of the offer, we spent the money on, ” says Kaja Hjertenes, russ in Stavanger.

After reading the e-mail from Landstreff Stavanger started Hjertenes Facebook group “Give russen back LS-money”. On Monday evening, the group had 2000 members.

All russetreff is cancelled this spring. Landstreff Lillehammer (pictured), which was passed by the stack 1. to 3. may, will refund the fare. Landstreff Stavanger, it does not.

Photo: Arne Sørenes / NRK

– This is incredibly silly! I have not really used so much time to plan showed, but landstreffet and the 3000 crowns I spent on the ticket, was supposed to be my investment in this, while it may, ” she says.

In the group are now cooperating members to find out what rights they have.

Organizer: Dramatically

” We have worked steinhardt to find some options. It is an incredibly challenging situation we are in, ” says the press contact Asmund Lund.

Lund Group have already laid off over 100 employees.

– the Reason we do not refund the fares, is simply a likviditetsspørsmål. The investments in the event is already done, ” he says.

press Contact for Landstreff Stavanger, Asmund Lund, ” says Lund Gruppen AS already has laid off 100 employees. If all the fares get your money back, you future even more uncertain, ” he says.

Photo: Erik Waage

Russen must decide by Friday what they choose. The deadline is set for the operator shall be able to plan, according to Lund.

He fears not that the company goes bankrupt, but calls the situation dramatically.

Not only for landstreffet, but for all of our departments. This can last for one month, but also ten.

the family park Kongeparken, where Landstreff Stavanger is organized, has also exposed sesongåpningen. Originally, the park opened 4. april.

– consumer rights are not quarantined

the Consumer has the understanding that the situation is special.

But it does not mean that consumer rights are put in quarantine. Russen has the right to get your money back if the promoter can’t deliver they have paid for, ” says Inger Lise Blyverket, director of the Norwegian Consumer council.

Blyverket think it is great that there are options, but the options are not in the vicinity of what is paid for.

Inger Lise Blyverket, director of the Norwegian Consumer council, encourage dissatisfied russ to send an e-mail to the organizer and ask to get your money back.

Photo: Consumer

– A russetreff is tied to a particular time of year, and to celebrate an end to a long skoleløp. says Blyverket.

the Norwegian Consumer council urges russen to send a message to the organizer if they want to get your money again. If the organizer does not pay, can russen complaint through Forbrukerrådets websites.

Lawyer: – a Little fraudulent

Svein Kjetil Lode Svendsen, a lawyer at the Fire, THEN, is also aware that the russen can claim your money back.

– If russen want it, they have the right to get your money again. The only thing they need to do is to send an e-mail to the organizer and say that they want a refund, ” says Svendsen.

Lawyer Svein Kjetil Lode Svendsen agrees with the Consumer, but also points out that a full refund can russen has the right to get your money back.

Photo: Jørn Norstrøm / NRK

He calls the offer from the organizer “a little unfair”, and believes they should be the cooperation with the municipality in order to be able to pay all back.

at the same time he suggests that more should make use of the options the organizer offers.

the Organizer has already used much of the money they have earned on the tickets. If all who have ordered, demand your money back, it may be that it is too much for the organizers. If they do not have the funds and go bankrupt, it may mean that no one gets their money back, ” says Svendsen.

NRK has made Asmund Lund known with the Consumer and the lawyer’s solicitation. He understand that many are disappointed.

According to the Lund has more russ already used some of the options. Some have also reported that they do not want to demand money back for the to ensure that next year russ can travel on landstreff.

” We face a pandemic and a verdenssamfunn that don’t look the same today as yesterday. These are extreme cases, ” he says.