to get an increase in low wages, George Parker was the “agent” for the sale of fountain pens company “The John Holland Fountain Pen Company”. Basically he was selling these pens to its students.

At the time, pens are often suffered from technical flaws and was in need of repair. Getting a lot of complaints from their customers, Parker felt obliged to repair the handles. He dismantled them, repaired, and then returned to students. In the end, Parker decided that you need to build your own fountain pen, eliminating the drawbacks of the existing.

a year later, Parker was engaged in business in the field of pens. Since 1888, Parker Pen Company aims at making the best pens. In 1905, the company has developed and patented may 3, button filling system Button Filling System, the first pens with mechanical system of the ink set, which was a practical rubber bag. This has significantly improved usability with a fountain pen. Before the ink in a pen were filled with a pipette.

Since then, the brand name “Parker” is the most famous brand of fountain pens in the world.

Pen, Parker 51, owned by Dwight Eisenhower, was signed the capitulation of Germany in 1945, and pen “Parker Duofold” General MacArthur signed Japan’s surrender.

Another historical fact. One of the first Russian writers who began to use English a fountain with a fountain pen, was none other than Leo Tolstoy. A pen presented to him at the beginning of the twentieth century, his spiritual disciple Vladimir Chertkov, who spent a decade in exile in England. But this, apparently, was not the Parker who could charge the ink without an additional device. When at the end of October 1910 Tolstoy “left” from Yasnaya Polyana, he of Optina requested letter daughter Sasha to bring him “the thing for loading ink”, which was forgotten at home.

I Wonder what Tolstoy would have written a real “Parker”? What new “Anna Karenina”?