Free time, of Course, they could just watch tv, play video games, or read about it, but sooner or later the same day: “Mom, I’m bored!’ And, because it is not easy for a five-year-old to explain to people that the boredom decreativiteit is a stimulus, it is this moment-the list of parents and ancestors. A Skype Birthday Party, and wildplukken to berenjachten. For more tips, and for the moment, you can find it in My Thuisblijfgids’.

• At Of Them,a teacher, a mom of Arwe (10) and the Mare (6)
“Krijtboodschappenen raamspelletjes”

“in any case, we want to stimulate here, is the great outdoors. Mare wrote on the sidewalk in front of krijtboodschappen is the next-door neighbors. Arwe, and the boy next door Akke playing with each other by passing the ball back and forth to the hague, to be disposed of. Nice and still in the distance. De santa maria del mar’s birthday, we celebrated by a cake to bake, and letters to write, and then to the doors and windows of her classmates to the food. This past weekend, we went to the bears watching , and that we are responsible for what vensterbankvertier a teddy bear in front of the window to continue. As other children during their walks on berenjacht’. Or, you can use the raamspelletjes to play with the kids that are the world.”