All the time of a pandemic Alexander F. Sklyar not waste time. Complained about the lack of money, as many of his colleagues. The country lived in the suburbs, a lot of thought and have read albert Camus, Leo Tolstoy, Leonid Andreev – looking at the answers to questions and recipes: how humanity was going through the stages of its history like the present. But not just a thought – and recorded the guitar a new “Quarantine record.” Combining music, literary notes and diary observation. This in modern rock have not been – Alexander F. Sklyar released the disc, through which is easier and more comfortable to get along with the changing in these months the world. And if you fall any adversity – he will also be able to help. To become wiser, calmer, happier, and even more to cherish life and each other.

After the premiere of Alexander F. Sklyar answered questions of an observer of “RG”.

Your group before others in Russia, has released a soulful acoustic album of favorite songs, calling it the place where it was written – “VA-Bank” in the kitchen”. There you led met by chance in the subway accordionist uncle Grisha – after all, this had never happened. Then for you Victor Pelevin wrote a short story “the bottom tundra” and you’re his songs. Were published under one cover: for CD music, in the booklet’s prose. Then there was “City N” – dystopia songs, videos… in fact, Experiments in different musical genres – CDs “tango heart”, “Gypsy rock-n-roll”, “Brazilian cruiser”… And finally – philosophical “Quarantine album.” Successful normal hits no longer interested in you?

Alexander F. Sklyar: Initially, I just posted a song, and no idea the album I had. But the quarantine is continued, the songs were saved and eventually formed into some kind of crisis program in the first place for me. After all, every time not only sang, but spoke some words in the beginning. Doing what we do, TV and radio presenter is called eyeliner. It was my thoughts and impressions about what is happening around.

And first I sang a song on the verses of Sergey Yesenin. Made it before the Day Esenina on the channel “Culture”. I pre-invited, I knew when I withdraw in the air, but that was played at the concerts for his poetry before – “Maple Oh my dear”, “no regrets, No pain, no sorrow” – I repeat do not like. Not his heart.

I took from the bookshelf a volume of Esenina. Started it up to view, and on the last pages of found poetry that I really liked – Batum. And I wrote for them the tune. Such a good, warming song. I found it very useful, to the difficult time. Maybe that’s why happened very quickly.

I Think this is the album for very different audiences. And the song in it is different: meaning, style, mood. But why there’s a song with the Odessa motives “Moldava��ka”, which is considered folk?

Alexander F. Sklyar: I needed this song, because it is a story about betrayal. Because before her performance of I do exist here are these words: “I tell you guys, life can’t be changed…” Is a phrase from my favorite movie “Leon”. But I slightly altered it. The idea was that each can happen difficult circumstances, but these difficulties should not one of us, to embarrass.

whatever happens, we must believe in its mission and its purpose. Not to betray what was done before. If you plowed the land, taught children, did science – not important. The important thing is that it was your favorite destination. And you chose it, and therefore have no right to be weak or cowardly. Well, if only quite briefly. That’s why I told this story before a song.

now it All quote will not: listen to yourself. It seems to me that it would support any man in his way, of course, not always easy. But from despair-all is not wise and not helpful… And then I had the song “don’t fall in love young guys.” And I did to her this saying: to sit in quarantine – not a bad thing, considering all the other misfortunes, which each one of us can suddenly fall off… Yeah, was tempted to invite to participate in a recording of the band “VA-Bank”. Technically it would not be difficult. Each record of the house party of your tool and sent me. We’d all brought, and it would be loud and powerful, because with me in the band are great musicians who rock “fire, water and copper pipes”… But I immediately decided that it must be my personal album. Here is this: I’m sitting at home with a guitar, say, tell, think, sing… But, in this unfamiliar house or in the hut, sitting completely unknown to me. And he’s also one: listens and also thinks, agree or maybe argue and doubt. I wish it was an album of dialogues. I can’t hear what I say. But I’m sure someone out there also think in response?! Therefore, the protagonists in this album I have is simple: voice, guitar and the time in which it all recorded.

the Voice to the guitar – not always guarantee sincerity. Sometimes include the album and find it so much Studio zaprogramirovan and artificial, even to listen did not want to…

Alexander F. Sklyar: Yeah, right! And so I decided not to correct small mistakes and the flaws that I had when recording live, in a home Studio in the suburbs. And decided to leave everything as it is, is also included in the concept of the album.

This album may become a crisis not only in times of coronavirus?

Alexander F. Sklyar: It was recorded in a difficult time and it��kept his spontaneous spirit, because in isolation sat everything.

So I think that if a man will listen to the disc a few years later and in a completely different situation, it will be to remember and to compare their perceptions of the time with mine. And will perceive them as diaries, from which it is possible to learn something in the future.

Now I finished reading the book Zahara Prilepin about Sergei Yesenin. It tells a lot about the relationship of the poet with his friend and also poet Anatoly Mariengof.

I mean he already knew a little, and now found in his memoirs: “My life, my friends and girlfriend.” Towards the end of the book Mariengof writes that when he died, Vasily Kachalov, he came to his son – and he said that he had burned all the journals of father for many years. “Why?” I was amazed Mariengof. And he threw up his hands: “Dad asked when he died…” And I understand very well Mariengof: no matter how happy and emotional trepidation we read now these records are remarkable actor, how to learn more about him and his time.

that’s also why I decided to write this musical diary. Years run, we don’t know what will happen to our country, and indeed with the world. Perhaps future people, after many years, listen to my diary. And, too, gain strength, and courage – they , probably, though they might be useful one day.